Mental Health support at Pathstone through Ontario’s State of Emergency

St. Catharines, ON (January 21, 2021) – As Niagara moves into a province imposed State of Emergency in mere hours, life in 2021 will be further complicated for kids and families in Niagara.

Typically, January to March is a time of year when kids and families lean on Pathstone the most for mental health support. This year, we expect to see an even greater increase in need with all students now learning online and the added stress on families with additional restrictions being imposed. Kim Rossi,
Direct or of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone

Through Ontario’s State of Emergency, the following Mental Health support for children, youth, and their families will be in place at Pathstone Mental Health. *From birth to age 18 #1 Our Crisis & Support Line at 1-800-263-4944 This connects you to a Pathstone counsellor, 24/7, 365 days a year. #2 Our Walk-In Clinic, accessed through VIDEO ONLY, Monday-Friday. An appointment is required and can be made by calling 1-800-263-4944 (same day or advance appointments are available) For existing clients, contact your Pathstone therapist/counsellor directly or, call our Main line, during regular business hours at 905-688-6850. For additional resources, click HERE to access Pathstone’s Covid-19 Mental Health Tool Kit.

Families appreciate the virtual and phone option for a number of reasons. It offers immediate mental health supports with very flexible times and services are extremely confidential as you can receive them without even leaving your home. This move to virtual and phone allows families to stay safe at home through the pandemic. Teens can make their own appointment without needing a ride and parents can get help without needing childcare. Tara Kelly, Clinical Manager Pathstone Mental Health

My team shared a few instances of how kids and families used our phone and video counselling platform.
1) A teen client wanted to book on her own online session and did so on her lunch break from school, as this is what worked best for her.
2) A mother had two young children at home and wanted a counsellor to meet with her oldest, virtual was a convenient options.
3) A teen has been struggling to leave their bedroom (This has escalated since the Covid-19 Pandemic) but was open to talking on the phone for daily suggestions / strategies / support and then open to a virtual appointment for further support.

PathstoneMental Health support at Pathstone through Ontario’s State of Emergency
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Measures in place to support Mental Health through Holidays and Grey-lock down

From 24/7 Crisis & Support line, to in-person and video counselling for Niagara’s kids.

St. Catharines, ON- With the recent Grey-lock down issued across the province, Pathstone Mental Health has implemented measures to ensure Niagara’s children and families receive seamless support when they need it.

While Pathstone Mental Health will close in-person and video counselling walk-in clinic’s from Dec 24- Jan 3, their 24/7 Crisis and Support line will fill the need during that time.

We know how trying it has been for many through the pandemic. As we move into the holidays and another lock-down, we felt it crucial to have our front line staff ready to support the mental health pressures being felt in our community. As a result, our Crisis & Support team will be working through the holiday break to ensure those aged 18 and under who need mental health support can connect with us over the phone, in an instant, by calling 1-800-263-4944.

Shaun Baylis, CEO Pathstone Mental Health  

As an essential service, we will re-start our in-person walk-in clinics at four of our eight sites starting on January 4th.  Due to the fact some of our community clinics are in buildings affected by the province-wide lock down, we have had to pivot our plan slightly until the lock down is lifted.

Below are details as to how our services will be maintained.

By Phone ONLY

From December 24 – January 3 

  • Our Crisis & Support Line will operate as per usual, 24/7 at 1-800-263-4944

In-person Walk-In Clinics ( + Crisis & Support Line)

Starting January 4 until further notice,

  • In-person Walk-In Clinic Counselling, by appointment ONLY, will be offered as follows:

EVERY Monday through Friday / St. Catharines

EVERY Monday / Thorold

EVERY Wednesday / Grimsby

EVERY Thursday / Beamsville

*By Appointment ONLY, which can be made by calling 1-800-263-4944

By Video (+ Crisis & Support Line) 

Starting January 4 until further notice,

  • Video Counselling, by appointment ONLY, will be offered Monday – Friday.

*By Appointment ONLY, which can be made by calling 1-800-263-4944

To help with family mental wellness this holiday season, Pathstone Mental Health has provided the following tips that may help lessen the stress at home over the next few weeks.

  1. Keep the lines of communication with your children and youth open. Make time to check in with how they are feeling and doing over the holiday period. A little one-on-one time whether it is a walk, activity or a conversation can make a big difference in helping them cope.
  2. Make sure everyone is eating and sleeping, especially your younger children. Try not to vary too widely from meal times and sleeping routines. This may not be plausible all the time, but do your best. For teenagers, try to ensure they go to sleep and wake up at reasonable hours. While not a school day, sleeping until 2 pm and going to bed at 3 am isn’t recommended.
  3. Create and manage realistic expectations. You may again need to make some adjustments to your plan due to the Grey-Lock down in order to support your kids. Do what is best for your family.
  4. Be open to negotiate with your teens. Whether it’s an online debate about gaming, social, etc.
  5. Maintain healthy boundaries for yourself. It is ok to say no without guilt. Say yes when you want to, not out of obligation or to please others. Take care of your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  6. Before and throughout the Holidays, know your local resources in case you or your youth need mental health support. Pathstone Mental Health – Crisis Services is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-263-4944.

Media Contact – for Questions / Interviews;

Kim Rossi – Director of Philanthropy & Public Relations
Pathstone Mental Health/ Pathstone Foundation
905.688.6850 x 167 c. 289.969.8342 e.

About Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health is a community-based organization whose mission it is to provide innovative and effective treatment for all children in Niagara diagnosed with mental health issues. Thanks to support from our donors and volunteers, we are able to address and meet the needs of children and their families as the primary accredited provider of mental health services for children in Niagara. Crisis Services are offered 24/7 by calling 1-800-263-4944.


PathstoneMeasures in place to support Mental Health through Holidays and Grey-lock down
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Local Students cut off 30+ inches in support of Mental Health in Niagara

After a six-week long campaign, members of The Mane Event Team will chop off their locks Monday, (Nov 2) in support of Pathstone Foundation.

The three, grade 10 students at Blessed Trinity in Grimsby have garnered media attention with their campaign, focussed on reaching a $10K goal by Friday, October 30th and surpassed that goal with time to spare. Support from the community at large and a few corporate gifts from Marz Homes and Mountainview Building Group put the teens over the top in the final days of their campaign.

The Mane Event Team will be hosting a LIVE “Chop” event at Malia Hair Salon in St. Catharines on Monday. It will be streamed on the groups Instagram Live account starting at 3PM. In all, the three teens will be sacrificing well over 30 inches of hair.

Donations are still being accepted online until midnight Friday, Oct 30th at:
While the event on Monday can be watched LIVE at 3pm by following @Mane7.18

Please note, Monday’s event is OPEN to media, but RSVPing is required as we have limited spots available.

For more information, interviews, or to attend, please contact;
Kim Rossi,
Director of Philanthropy and Public Relations – Pathstone Foundation / Mental Health or 289-969-8342

PathstoneLocal Students cut off 30+ inches in support of Mental Health in Niagara
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Local Band Releases Second Limited Edition Hat in Support of Mental Health in Niagara.

Mad Hatters Band, Isolation Station, Phase 2 “The Unity Hat”

He launched his second effort to support mental health in as many months at the cottage last night. Frank Pietrangelo of the Mad Hatters Band went LIVE on Instagram, sporting a new black trucker style hat, unveiling what has been affectionately been dubbed ISO-187, Phase 2, “The Unity Hat.”

After selling 186 of the Phase 1 hats, this Phase 2 effort will also be a limited edition and only available for purchase until August 8th.

This is once again a solid showing of the commitment, heart and demonstration of community spirit we have in Niagara. Frankie’s friends, family and as well as mental health supporters supported this project from day one, through helping with design, printing, and distribution to purchasing hats, and telling others about the campaign. We at Pathstone feel very fortunate to have this type of support all around us.

Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR, Pathstone Foundation/ Mental Health

When you become a part of Phase 2, you are supporting your kids, nieces and nephews, grand kids, cousins, friends and our community as a whole who lean on Pathstone Mental Health. We will walk together through this monumental life change, and support those who are struggling together.

Frank Pietrangelo, Mad Hatters Band, and Isolation Station creator.

The Isolation Station, Phase 2 Unity Hat is on sale now at

Cost is $25, taxes included and 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to Pathstone to support the countless programs they offer children, youth and families in Niagara, including their nine walk-in clinics.

When you pick-up your hat the week of August 17 at Monkey Sports, we encourage you to Wear + Share it on social and tag @pathstonemh_Niagara and @madhatters_band.

To read more about how Isolation Station came to be, please read the story below.

The Story

It was Sunday March 15, and as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to progress, Niagara moved to into full shut down mode in an effort to curb the spread. Kids were forced out of school, people out of work, and families were told to stay home.

It became a dark time for many who struggled to come to terms with this new reality. You saw income being reduced or lost, safety being threatened and social connections severed.

In the darkness of COVID-19, Isolation Station was born.

It was launched on Wednesday March 18, by Frank Pietrangelo of the Mad Hatters Band on Instagram LIVE. From 9 pm (or whenever his kids went to bed) until 11 ish this show, quickly became more than just Frank on his keyboard playing Bruce Springsteen from the garage. It was a meeting point that offered connection, support, laughs and yes, live music for all who were watching. It was a show about friendship and deep connection. The darkness of COVID-19 was a little brighter for two hours each Wednesday night.

Like any good show, Isolation Station continued to increase in popularity. There was no “sign on the door” of this garage bar, so long-time friend Tony Basilone designed one. The Isolation Station logo was a black circle, trimmed in gold with a lowercase gold “I” in the centre. There was a little light amongst the darkness.

When Frank sported a black trucker hat with this new logo, everyone wanted one.  Fast-forward to 186 hats sold and $1,239.17 raised for Pathstone Mental Health and momentum that will not quit.

However, the look and life through COVID-19 is changing.

While we are not complexly in the clear, the warm weather and fewer active COVID-19 cases is allowing some of our past freedoms to return.

In many cases, stores have re-opened, group gathering numbers have increased, but many workplaces are still closed, there is still a lot of worry and anxiety around the unknown.

As Isolation Station moves into Phase 2, we feel supported and a little brighter. For some, the COVID-19 shut-down turned into a time for people to reconnect with things they had long left behind due to being over-worked, over-tired, and over-committed.

As we join together in Phase 2, we are releasing Isolation Station’s Unity Hat.

On sale for 10 days only (until August 8). This, like the Phase 1 hat will be a limited edition offer, accompanied by a personalized letter from Frank.

When you become a part of Phase 2, you are supporting your kids, nieces and nephews, grand kids, cousins, friends and our community as a whole who lean on Pathstone Mental Health.

We will walk together through this monumental life change, and support those who are struggling because Niagara Never Quits.

Special thanks to Rob Orr at Monkey Team Sports by Northland for producing and distributing the hats.

PathstoneLocal Band Releases Second Limited Edition Hat in Support of Mental Health in Niagara.
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Niagara families influencing how children’s mental health services are offered

A number of agencies who provide child and youth mental health services across Niagara have made a joint commitment to put families at the table as they continue to enhance how services are offered.

Core Service Providers (CSP), which include Pathstone Mental Health, Niagara Health, Contact Niagara, and Centre de Santé together, have outlined how Niagara will co-plan services with families, and allow accountability to those commitments.  The aim is for a more fulsome children’s mental health system with families who are engaged in the process.

This is extremely exciting news for families and groundbreaking work being done in Niagara.  Providing an opportunity for families to be meaningful partners in system planning allows them to make an impact and influence child and youth mental health services now and in the future.

Sarah Cannon, Family Engagement Lead at Pathstone Mental Health

Steps are already in place, with the creation of a Regional Advisory. This team is made up of families who have already navigated the system. Their goal is to provide a voice, valued input and guidance to mental health providers.

Contact Niagara is thrilled to be a part of this formal commitment to family engagement, one that allocates resources and embeds family engagement in a clear and accountable way in all aspects of our work.

Nadine Wallace, Executive Director at Contact Niagara

 To find out more about the Regional Advisory and to get involved, visit

PathstoneNiagara families influencing how children’s mental health services are offered
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Pathstone Opens 9th Walk-In Clinic, in the City of Thorold

Back in February, a unanimous council decision at the City of Thorold meant that children, youth and their families would soon have access to mental health services in the heart of their community.

As we were readying the opening of the ninth walk-in clinic, COVID-19 struck and we have been in a holding pattern ever since. Today, we are happy to announce the opening of Thorold’s walk-in clinic, hosted at Thorold Public Library and are proud to have our services more readily available to communities who need us. Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone

The Thorold clinic will be open every Monday, from 9 am- 4:30 pm at Thorold Public Library, starting this Monday, July 20. Due to Covid-19, an appointment is needed to ensure we avoid overcrowding and proper PPE will be provided by Pathstone. As always, mental health support will be offered in-person by a Pathstone clinician with no referral, cost or health card needed.

I would like to thank Councillor Sentance for spearheading this initiative and Council for their unanimous support. Having a Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic in the City of Thorold will provide our residents with access to Mental Health Services, which are essential to every Community. Terry Ugulini, Mayor of the City of Thorold

We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Pathstone and their walk-in clinic program. This could not have happened without unanimous support from our council, staff and mayor. We want to help anyone who is in crisis or just needs to talk and I believe this is a great start. Ken Sentance, Thorold City Councillor

Over the past 12 months, we saw over 7,000 clients at Pathstone, of that nearly 1,400 came to us through our walk-in clinics. This program is serving the purpose we knew it would which is to reach children and youth right when they need us. Localized walk-in clinics also mean we are removing barriers to service.

With the commitment from the City of Thorold, they become the ninth walk-in clinic operating in Niagara. All sites are open to children and youth up to age 18 as well as parents / caregivers who want to talk to our clinicians about their children. We understand that sometimes kids do not want to come, but their parents can talk to us about their concerns and we can give them support and tools to help their child.  Tara Kelly, Clinical Manager at Pathstone

Thorold Public Library is a welcome, safe and accessible place. The Library strives to provide relevant resources and services for the community it serves in a confidential manner. Thorold Public Library is delighted to partner with Pathstone Mental Health and the City of Thorold to provide another needed Community resource and service.Chief Librarian at Thorold Public Library, Joanne DeQuadros


The following walk-in clinics have now re-opened for service across Niagara.

All clinics require an appointment to be made by calling Pathstone’s Crisis & Support line at: 1-800-263-4944


NEW Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Thorold
Day / Time:  EVERY MONDAY – 9 am – 4:30 pm
Location:  Thorold Public Library – 14 Ormond Street North
*Beginning Monday, July 20th

Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Welland
Day / Time:  EVERY Monday– 9 am – 4:30 pm
Location: John Howard Building, 225 East Main St.
*Beginning Monday, July 27th

Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Fort Erie
Day / Time:  EVERY Tuesday– 9 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Bridges Community Health Centre – 1485 Garrison Rd.
*Beginning Monday, July 28th

Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Port Colborne
Day / Time: EVERY Wednesday – 9 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Bridges Community Health Centre – 380 Elm St.
*Beginning Monday, July 29th

Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Niagara Falls
Day / Time:  EVERY Thursday – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Location:  The Niagara Falls Community Health Centre; 4790 Victoria Ave.
*Beginning Monday, July 30th

 NOW OPEN Satellite Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – Beamsville
Day / Time:  EVERY Thursday – 9 am – 4:30 pm
Location:  Fleming Centre, 5020 Serena Dr.

NOW OPEN Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – St. Catharines – OPEN 5 days per week
Days / Times:  EVERY Monday- Thursday– 9am – 7pm
EVERY Friday– 9am – 4pm
Location: The Branscombe Centre, 1338 Fourth Ave.

*Please note, parking at BMHC is $2.50 for the first hour, $5 MAX.

PathstonePathstone Opens 9th Walk-In Clinic, in the City of Thorold
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Covid Relief Funds Support Video Counselling at Pathstone

Offering Mental Health support through the pandemic and beyond.

With the re-opening of Pathstone Mental Health’s Walk-In Clinic, the Foundation is able to provide further enhancement to the mental health support services offered at Pathstone thanks to two grants. One made by TD and the other coming from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) and Niagara Community Foundation. This funding is being directed to support Walk-In clinic and Video Counselling program through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

In a move to bring more innovative mental health treatment options to children, youth and families across Niagara, Pathstone approached TD and ECSF with a request to support a new video counselling platform.

We made this form of service a priority with COVID-19 but it will be a part of the fabric of Pathstone beyond the pandemic. Our goal has always been to reduce wait times for services and remove barriers whenever possible for children and youth across Niagara.

Video counselling allows this to happen more readily. Families who lack reliable transportation, don’t need to leave their home to meet one-on-one with a Pathstone therapist. Inclement weather won’t result in cancelled appointments and situations like COVID-19 will no longer get in the way of effective mental health therapy.

Once we resume “normal” operations clients and counsellors can together decide the best method to meet their mental health care needs.

Shaun Baylis, Pathstone CEO

We are proud to support Pathstone Mental Health with this donation, through the TD Ready Commitment, that will help to give children and families in St. Catharine’s better access to mental health support services. The past few months have been extremely challenging for many and we recognize the importance of organizations like Pathstone who deliver the services and support that our communities need to help overcome these challenges, today and into the future.

Yasmin Zalac, TD Bank District Vice President -Escarpment District

The Niagara Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund to support the crucial and tireless work being done by Pathstone to provide mental health support for the youth across Niagara. “COVID-19 has unfortunately added to the challenges to deliver services to those who really need it in our community and these funds will go a long way in providing Pathstone the resources they need to connect with their clients and provide much needed support.”

Bryan Rose, Niagara Community Foundation Executive Director

PathstoneCovid Relief Funds Support Video Counselling at Pathstone
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Neon Night Virtual Dance Party features Celeb Shout Outs to 2020 Graduates

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to limit large gatherings a number of students will miss out on graduation and all that comes with it.

Pathstone Foundation in partnership with FirstOntario Credit Union and with support from Cogeco are celebrating friends, grads and their families with Neon Night, a virtual dance party that will stream at on Friday, June 26th at 8 PM. This event is FREE to view and will feature music, videos a few surprises and a slew of celebrities throwing props and advice to grads.

Whether you have great memories or not of prom and graduation, you still had memories. We wanted to acknowledge that yes this is a different world we are living in, but we can still celebrate all of the hard work students have put in at school.

Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone

We put the word out to a number of “friends of the foundation” who just happen to be well-known and many were quick to say yes to submitting a short video. A few of them I can tell you about are, music superstars, NHLer’s, comedians and actors.  (Tim Hicks, Brett Kissel, J.P Saxe, Brett Wilson, Colin Mochrie & Niagara’s Christian Lalama..just to name a few.) We also have a friend in DJ. Mike Oz-E who is mixing some great music and these videos together.

This event is for EVERYONE and content is family friendly. While there is no cost to stream Neon Night, online donations in support of Pathstone will be gratefully accepted.

FirstOntario Credit Union presents

Neon Night > Virtual Dance Party

Featuring celeb shout-outs to 2020 Graduates

Friday, June 26th @ 8:00PM (EST)

To view, visit

PathstoneNeon Night Virtual Dance Party features Celeb Shout Outs to 2020 Graduates
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Pathstone re-opens walk-in clinic for mental health counselling

Starting Monday June 15th, Pathstone Mental Health will resume face to face counselling at their St. Catharines walk-in clinic site, The Branscombe Centre.

All eight Hear & Now walk-in clinics were closed more than 11 weeks ago due to the pandemic. After implementing a re-entry plan, The Branscombe Centre will be ready to see children, youth and their families starting on Monday morning, June 15th.

The five day per week clinic will see a few changes. Appointments need to be made by calling Pathstone’s Crisis & Support line at 1-800-263-4944 during regular business hours. Staff will look to make your appointment the day you call, or for the following day. Based on availability.

On appointment day, clients will arrive 15 minutes in advance and call 1-800-263-4944 to “check in.” They will then be directed to enter the building to complete required forms. Visitors will be screened, asked to use sanitization stations when they arrive and leave Pathstone, and when physical distance of 6ft (2 meters) can’t be maintained, masks will be provided. Clients should come in for their appointment alone or with just one other support person.

Our walk-in clinic services have always been available without an appointment, but in an effort to avoid overcrowding our main lobby, we have implemented the need to make an appointment until further notice.  We hope to open our satellite walk-in clinic sites located across the Region in the near future.

Kim Rossi – Director of Philanthropy & PR

As always, our walk-in clinic services are for children and youth up to age 18 and their families. No referral, cost or health card is needed to meet one-on-one with a Pathstone counsellor. Appointments are typically one hour.

Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic – St. Catharines – OPEN 5 days per week

Days / Times:  EVERY Monday- Thursday– 9am – 7pm (last appointment taken at 6pm)

EVERY Friday– 9am – 4pm (last appointment taken at 3pm)

Location: The Branscombe Centre, 1338 Fourth Ave.

*Due to COVID-19 protocol, an appointment is required.

PathstonePathstone re-opens walk-in clinic for mental health counselling
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Pathstone Foundation Launches Online “Catch the Ace” Raffle

Today Pathstone Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a new online, “Catch the Ace” progressive jackpot raffle.

Based on the popular game also known as Chase the Ace, there is a weekly cash prize winner and a progressive jackpot that increases each week the Ace of Spades isn’t selected.  50% of weekly gross ticket sales goes directly to Pathstone Foundation and supports Urgent Needs at

There are four ticket levels to choose from, starting at just $10 per play. To play, visit

The concept of the game is as follows:

  • To buy tickets, go to ca *ticket buyer must enable location services and be in Ontario when purchasing.
  • Select the ticket option and spend you would like $10, $20, $50 or $100 *you can buy tickets up until 1 hour before the weekly draw is made.
  • Then, click on an envelope that you think might contain the Ace of Spades.
  • If you are the weekly winner, you’ll take 20% of that week’s ticket sales and if the card in your envelope is the Ace of Spades, you’ll also win the Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot (30% of all ticket sales to date);
  • If the weekly winner’s card is not the Ace of Spades, the Progressive Jackpot grows and that card is removed from the deck, increasing the chances of catching the Ace the following week;
  • Following each Wednesday evening draw @ 5:00PM, a new weekly draw is launched with the updated Progressive Jackpot total. Players can then re-visit the site to buy new raffle tickets for the following week;
  • Weekly Prize draws continue until the Ace of Spades is revealed and the Progressive Jackpot is won.

Tickets are priced as follows: 2 tickets for $10; 10 tickets for $20; 50 tickets for $50; and 200 tickets for $100.

We are looking forward to seeing the excitement around “Catch the Ace,” which has been a popular game for a number of groups and clubs across the country. The online aspect means anyone over the age of 18 can play as long as they purchase their ticket while in Ontario. What a fun way to support Pathstone and have a chance to win a large amount of money!

As Pathstone Mental Health sees a 10 to 20% increase in clients each year, the organization continues to research and implement innovative ways to handle the increase in cases while at the same time offer immediate evidence based mental health care and support for Niagara families. They can’t do it without the support of donors.

Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR – Pathstone Foundation

PathstonePathstone Foundation Launches Online “Catch the Ace” Raffle
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