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“Fill the Pig, Feel Better” community campaign raises $50,000 for Pathstone Mental Health

Kids, companies, clubs and many others adopted hundreds of pigs (piggy banks) from a Meridian Credit Union location in Niagara and filled it with donations, in support of Pathstone Mental Health.

The brand new initiative was launched at the end of January, encouraging the Niagara community to contribute, essentially stuffing the pig, to support children in Niagara who are struggling with mental health issues, and receiving help from Pathstone.

Each filled pig equalled anywhere from $50-$100 which represented numerous one-on-one sessions with a Pathstone therapist either through the walk-in clinic, by calling the 24/7 crisis hotline or in a longer multi-session therapy program.

We were so excited to see the engine of the community kick into overdrive on this campaign. Pigs were given names, were dressed up and showcased on social media. They were taken on vacation and songs were written about them. We saw kids going door to door with their parents, asking their neighbours to donate. This campaign revived good old fashioned fundraising and has shown our younger community what being philanthropic is all about. Our Niagara community was truly generous and is so supportive of the mental health work we are doing with kids and their families in Niagara. We are thankful to be able to celebrate a great joint achievement with Meridian in raising $50,000.
Kim Rossi- Director of Philanthropy & PR –Pathstone Foundation

The engagement of this fun and interactive fund raising campaign was high. Meridian employees across all communities in Niagara put power into the campaign in demonstration of our pride and commitment to children’s mental health. Partnerships are important in building community and there were many partnerships that contributed to a very successful first year of Fill the Pig Feel Better. The stories from supporters were plentiful and it became obvious that we are fortunate to have an agency like Pathstone contribute to growing lives and making Niagara a better place. Money is one of the biggest stressors for people today and thanks to the generosity of community, Pathstone families have access to programs and support they otherwise would not have without significant financial costs. Thank you to all the participants and donors in the inaugural year of Fill the Pig Feel Better. We all benefit from the lasting positive impact Pathstone has on the lives of our youth and their families.
Shelley Dix-District Vice President- Meridian

If you want to support the “Fill the Pig, Feel Better” campaign online, you can visit “Fill the Pig, Feel Better” and donate.

Pathstone“Fill the Pig, Feel Better” community campaign raises $50,000 for Pathstone Mental Health