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The Lemons2Lemonade project is calling all youth to fundraise in support of children’s mental health in Niagara!

Lemons2Lemonade is youth project designed to get their idea factory pumping. Our team of experts will provide the tools and support to enable them to create their own fundraisers that will support kids across Niagara.

We are inviting youth (18 and under) to join the L2L program anytime this year.

When you do, we will send you our L2L kit that will walk you through the steps of planning an event.

We have also enlisted a team of experts who have designed a series of “How To” videos that cover things like, how to build your event team, pick a venue, get the word out, and ask for sponsorship, plus a ton of insider event planning secrets!

This step-by-step guide ensures that our L2L kids are supported and are also learning some valuable skills around communication, budgeting, marketing, logistics, and for students in high school, time spent will also be counted as volunteer hours.

Stay tuned for our L2L Events Calendar!

Interested in getting the L2L kit and planning your own event with us! GREAT! Send an email to

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