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Mental Health support at Pathstone through Ontario’s State of Emergency

St. Catharines, ON (January 21, 2021) – As Niagara moves into a province imposed State of Emergency in mere hours, life in 2021 will be further complicated for kids and families in Niagara.

Typically, January to March is a time of year when kids and families lean on Pathstone the most for mental health support. This year, we expect to see an even greater increase in need with all students now learning online and the added stress on families with additional restrictions being imposed. Kim Rossi,
Direct or of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone

Through Ontario’s State of Emergency, the following Mental Health support for children, youth, and their families will be in place at Pathstone Mental Health. *From birth to age 18 #1 Our Crisis & Support Line at 1-800-263-4944 This connects you to a Pathstone counsellor, 24/7, 365 days a year. #2 Our Walk-In Clinic, accessed through VIDEO ONLY, Monday-Friday. An appointment is required and can be made by calling 1-800-263-4944 (same day or advance appointments are available) For existing clients, contact your Pathstone therapist/counsellor directly or, call our Main line, during regular business hours at 905-688-6850. For additional resources, click HERE to access Pathstone’s Covid-19 Mental Health Tool Kit.

Families appreciate the virtual and phone option for a number of reasons. It offers immediate mental health supports with very flexible times and services are extremely confidential as you can receive them without even leaving your home. This move to virtual and phone allows families to stay safe at home through the pandemic. Teens can make their own appointment without needing a ride and parents can get help without needing childcare. Tara Kelly, Clinical Manager Pathstone Mental Health

My team shared a few instances of how kids and families used our phone and video counselling platform.
1) A teen client wanted to book on her own online session and did so on her lunch break from school, as this is what worked best for her.
2) A mother had two young children at home and wanted a counsellor to meet with her oldest, virtual was a convenient options.
3) A teen has been struggling to leave their bedroom (This has escalated since the Covid-19 Pandemic) but was open to talking on the phone for daily suggestions / strategies / support and then open to a virtual appointment for further support.

PathstoneMental Health support at Pathstone through Ontario’s State of Emergency