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Pathstone and Niagara Regional Native Centre form partnership to support the mental health needs of Indigenous youth.

This new partnership to be signed between two Niagara organizations is designed to build a children’s mental health system that will be more inclusive and supportive.

Pathstone Mental Health and The Niagara Regional Native Centre’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed this Saturday, October 5th at Montebello Park in St. Catharines during the NRNC’s Annual Community Pow Wow.

This collaboration was constructed to not only build on a more inclusive children’s mental health environment, but also to explore potential opportunities to support counselling services and programming, co-develop workshops for parents and professionals on youth mental health and well-being but also to engage in reciprocal trainings and lectures allowing staff from both organizations to be better informed and foster healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial.

As a Lead Agency for the province and the largest provider of children’s Mental Health services in Niagara we are enthusiastic about the work we can do together in supporting the mental health needs of children and youth being served by the Niagara Regional Native Centre. This partnership will also bring a greater knowledge of the cultural needs and practises of Indigenous people. We believe this MOU represents a tremendous foundation that will build capacity, improve services, and help children and youth across the region.
Shaun Baylis, CEO-Pathstone Mental Health

 This three year MOU will also involve the creation of a joint governance committee made up of an equal number of representatives from both organizations. Their job will be to provide insight, oversight and foresight, and to discuss and review joint programs, initiatives and opportunities.

We are pleased to be collaborating with Pathstone to provide culturally relevant and supportive mental health services to the Urban Indigenous community in Niagara. This formal understanding is an extension of the relationship the two agencies have shared for many years.  Indigenous traditional teachings speak of respect, friendship, interconnectedness and having a Good Mind.  Additionally, as professionals, we use a two lens concept with respect to Mental Health treatment of our people.  We understand the need for the Western way of treatment, but also recognize that our original teachings embody the concepts of trauma informed practices.  We will put our Good Minds together to service our next 7 Generations.
Dawn Moughtin, Interim Executive Director- Niagara Regional Native Centre

About Pathstone Mental Health
Pathstone is the primary and only Accredited Children’s Mental Health Agency in the Niagara Region. It is the designated Lead Agency for Children’s Mental Health services and programs in Niagara. Pathstone offers over fifteen specialized mental health services, which are evaluated annually.  Pathstone also provides formalized training and execution to graduate students who ae fulfilling their internship and practicum requirements.

About Niagara Regional Native Centre
Niagara Regional Native Centre is an Indigenous Social Service agency that addresses the needs of the Urban Indigenous Community in Niagara. Made up of 25 culturally relevant programs/services, NRNC strives to promote awareness of the various traditions and Cultures of Indigenous persons in Niagara, and foster healthy relationships with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations/services.

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 Kim Rossi,
Director of Philanthropy and Public Relations,
Pathstone Foundation / Mental Health

PathstonePathstone and Niagara Regional Native Centre form partnership to support the mental health needs of Indigenous youth.