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Pathstone Marks Pink Shirt Day 2021

Looking at bullying through the lens of a 9 year old.

Today, Wednesday, February 24, 2021 is Pink Shirt Day. It’s a day to combat bullying and raise awareness that bullying happens every day, everywhere.

What can you do if you witness bullying?

Say something.

Studies show that when someone intervenes, 50% of bullying ends within 10 seconds.

Today we are sharing the story of a Pathstone client who was bullied at every turn. After doing the work, and being supported by his therapist, Ash is thriving.

The Story

If you spend time with Ash, you will see he’s a sweet kind boy with a big heart full of love. You will learn, he’s obsessed with Pokemon, the TV show, The Mandalorian, and books. His favourite author is Rodman Philbrick.

Ash is all about the details. He will tell you about every Pokemon character and what makes each one so special. He’ll likely tell you a joke, because he loves to make others laugh.

Once he feels comfortable, Ash will tell you that he was the victim of endless bullying at school. He envisioned how his day would turn out before getting out of bed each morning.

When Covid-19 hit and schools were closed, this grade 4 student’s daily battle finally ended. No school meant the kid who was bullying him could no longer reach him. He couldn’t be stared down, pushed around, or threatened. Ash felt safe at home.

However, this didn’t solve everything.

Ash was at Pathstone, being supported by therapist Kathy Molloy, who talked about their sessions together.

“We worked on coping with his feelings of sadness, worry, confusion and anger. Fear was keeping him awake at night. Ash described it as being like a DVD that was always playing in his head. He’s since learned how to talk about his feelings, how to make the worries smaller and to focus on all of the good things about him, and his life. Most importantly, he learned how to trust again.

The Outcome

Today, Ash is at a new school, and is thriving socially, emotionally and academically. He still sees Kathy at Pathstone and is excited to tell her about the new friends he’s made

In his words, Ash says, “Pathstone has helped me deal with my issues, and I feel like I’ve been heard, and people want to help. I trust Kathy, and I know I can tell her anything.”

Today is PINK SHIRT DAY. A day to recognize that bullying still happens, and not only at school.

YOU can support Ash, and other kids just like him through found at Select PINK SHIRT DAY from the donation drop down menu.

Our job at Pathstone is to support kids and families across Niagara who need to lean on us for mental health support. Kids, just like Ash.

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PathstonePathstone Marks Pink Shirt Day 2021