River House RENO Capital Campaign

Going to where the kids are.

With mental health struggles on the rise, we are making a commitment to bring mental health services closer to families in Niagara South.

Our goal is to ensure kids are in care and not sitting on a wait list which has begun to happen over the past two years. (current waitlist is 400+ kids)

Our problem is that in year one of the pandemic, we experienced a 35 percent spike in number of kids we were seeing. In year two, that caseload has not been stifled (approx. 10,000 kids seen each year). We need more space and more staff to respond to the growing needs, and it can’t wait another minute.

Our solution is to reach into every corner of our community, enabling us to see more kids and keep them closer to home. Nearly 40 percent of the kids and families we see are from Niagara South. That means, parents and caregivers are investing endless hours driving children to and from St. Catharines for mental health support.

Did you know?

The average drive-time for Niagara South residents to Pathstone’s St. Catharines site ranges from 22-43 minutes, each way.

+ This kind of commute also brings with it more missed appointments, and incomplete treatment programs making mental health success much more difficult to achieve.

In the past 12 months, 9,500 kids visited Pathstone, and nearly 3,800 travelled from Niagara South.

Our goal, is to raise $750,000

Here is how we can get there, TOGETHER.

  • Thanks to a generous commitment from Mountainview Building Group, we will be kicking off our campaign with a GIFT MATCH of up to $250,000, meaning your $1 turns into $2!
  • Recognition of gifts of $5K + (before MATCH) will be included on our Donor Wall to be located at the River House.
  • Donations starting at $25K have an opportunity to name a room/space inside the River House. These opportunities are limited to 14 in all.
  • Gifts can be made in pledge installments, feel free to connect with the Foundation to find out more about this option.

WE need YOU to wrap your arms around this new Pathstone site.
Can we count you in?

Every donation, makes a significant difference, and don’t forget there is a gift match from Mountainview Building Group.

Thank you for helping us meet an exceptional need that has long been felt in Niagara South. Offering a Pathstone rooted site in yet another part of our Region allows us to support kids in every corner of our community.

Sincerely, Kim Rossi – Director of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone Foundation. o. 905.688.6850 x 167

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