Single Largest Donation in Pathstone’s History

Local couple puts your kids first with gift to support the waitlist.

A $2M donation from Greg & Diane Slaight will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the Niagara community as well as the children and families being cared for at Pathstone Mental Health.

Mental Health care for children in Niagara is at a crossroads. While Pathstone is a lead agency and the primary provider of children’s mental health care in the Region, lack of funding prevents us from being able to keep up with the increasing number of children and youth who need to see us. Investment in prevention and treatment is where the Slaight’s gift will have the greatest impact.

“More than 70 per cent of mental health issues arise before the age of 18, and 1 in 5 youth require mental health care. We have acknowledged that the pandemic had detrimental effects on children and youth and we are seeing this first hand at Pathstone. Currently, there are 570 children who are waiting 3 to 8 months before they are placed in a program. Seeing a problem and not being able to solve it is frustrating, especially when the solution is in front of us.”
Shaun Baylis, CEO of Pathstone Mental Health.

“With more staff, we can help more kids. It’s that straightforward. The Slaight’s see value in people. They have been long-time supporters of Pathstone. They have great interest in what we are doing at the ground level and how we are supporting the mental health needs of kids in Niagara. Having seen the impact of their giving, they have entrusted us with this investment which will enable us to continue to do great work that will change lives and the paths of so many for years to come. Generosity of this magnitude is transformative. We are immensely grateful to the Slaight’s for this remarkable donation that comes with an opportunity to inspire others to give impactfully as well.”
Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy at Pathstone Foundation.

“Over the last years we have all had to learn to deal with uncertainty and last-minute change at every turn. For many of us it has been a challenge, but for many of our children and youth in the peninsula it has led to unparalleled levels of anxiety and lack of stability. Those emotions have left them feeling there is very little they can depend on. Greg and I know that the services available through Pathstone can help. That is why we have chosen to make this donation to the work they do and why we ask you to do the same. The infusion of funds your donation gives Pathstone, will support programs that help create a road to a calmer, more secure future: One we all wish for every person who comes to Pathstone. We urge you to join us in this commitment. Please donate today.”
Diane Slaight, Donor.

“Our work is not done yet. Outside of Ministry of Health funding, Pathstone Foundation needs to raise $4 million annually to support the additional programs, services and staff that help us keep step with the growing demand. The Slaight’s support gets us that much closer.
Kim Rossi, Pathstone Foundation.

The Slaight’s donation will make an immediate impact in the following ways:

  • Waitlist reduction, a priority at Pathstone with a goal to ensure no child waits more than 30 days for care. We will be able to hire new staff to take on the 570+ clients who are waiting for us.
  • Staffing at our newest site, River House, located in Welland which is slated to open in early 2023.
  • Research & Education Institute – to support new mental health therapies, ensuring our methods have the greatest opportunity to have a successful impact on our clients.
  • Along with the Slaight’s donation, comes a challenge to Niagara residents to make a meaningful donation to Pathstone. Every gift counts.

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PathstoneSingle Largest Donation in Pathstone’s History