The Mane Campaign

A fundraising campaign for my mane

Welcome to 2020, it’s been anything but ordinary so far, so why stop now.

After 7 years, The Mane Event Team Founder, Sevin Davies is chopping off his hair in support of Pathstone and the rest of the Mane Event Crew is joining in.

Collectively, they will “pony” up over 30 inches of hair to be cut off if they reach their

Campaign Goal of $10,000 by Friday, October 30th!

Over the past three years, The Mane Event Team has raised over $30K for Pathstone, and they show no signs of stopping.

HOW can YOU get involved?

There are 3 ways,

1. Make a donation to The Mane Campaign right HERE and help the team hit their $10K goal.
* you will receive a charitable receipt via email.

2. Cut your own head of hair or beard.
Through COVID-19 a number of people grew out their hair and beards, maybe now is the time to join the Team’s effort, make a donation and get it cut off by one of our professionals on Nov 2nd at Malia Hair Salon.  Make your donation online and a team member will be in touch. * minimum donation of $ 250 is required 

3. Tell others about this effort.
Share news about this campaign on your social media pages and tag Pathstone Mental Health.

At a time when mental health and wellness is be more important than ever, we are asking you to support these extraordinary teens in their efforts with a donation.

For more information, please contact Michelle Begin at

Special thanks to Haskell Photography & Malia Hair Salon for their support of this campaign.

Our Mission

we are motivated to influence, encourage and educate other youth about mental health.

Our Vision

is for mental health support to be easily accessible to members of our community and for our community to be accepting of those who struggle.

The Story of the Mane Event Team

This mental health focused fundraising team was founded by Sevin Davies in 2016 when he was just 11. It started with a goal of selling enough fidget spinner to buy a barbecue and two basketball net’s for Pathstone. That project was realized thanks to support from our community.

In March of 2017, the Mane Event Team released a clothing line to honour the memory of Amy Bleul. The creator of the Semicolon Project lost her life to suicide. At the end of this campaign, the Team presented a cheque for $5,000 to Pathstone and was recognized as a Pathstone Protector in the organizations Playground & Healing Garden.

It was at the opening of that garden that the Team met the owner of Mountainview Homes, who’s company name is honoured at Pathstone. They are currently in the midst of a campaign to raise $5,000 by May 1st which will be matched by Mr. Basciano.

Meet the Mane Event Team

Sevin Davies has a passion and vision to make children’s mental health more accessible across the Niagara Region.  He created the “Mane Event Team” to facilitate fundraising initiatives to match his mission.
“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Ghandi

Duncan MacDonald and Sevin have been friends since elementary school. As a Mane Event Team Member, he believes that the stigma of mental health will remain the same without the support of community.  Duncan dreams of the day that mental health will be treated as readily as any other health condition.

Adia Binfield is a Grade 9 student at Blessed Trinity. She believes that people should speak up for what they believe in, in an effort to shape the world that they want to live in.  Adia’s goal is to “shatter the stigma” around mental health and give support to those who need it, without judgement.

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