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Two local Orgs Fund Youth Mental Health in Grimsby

Left to Right – Kathryn Drury, Rhona Wenger, Stacy Elia, John Darch & Kim Rossi.

Four years ago, Pathstone Foundation began the task of appealing to local councils to seek support to establish and fund youth mental health clinics closer to home.

Our goal in creating walk-in clinics across Niagara was to allow kids to be within reach of mental health care with no hoops to jump through. We positioned it as getting mental health support in your own backyard without cost, referral or a health card. Initially these clinics allowed walk-in’s but implementing an appointment structure through Covid, actually improved care.

When parents or youth call to make an appointment, they are speaking with a counsellor in our Crisis & Support program. Our staff can have a preliminary conversation with the client, recommend the closest walk-in clinic, and provide further info.

Of the nine in-person walk-in clinics located across Niagara, the majority are being funded by town and city council budgets.

We have a few cases where funds are coming from a private donor versus the city or town. This year, Grimsby city council is not funding their walk-in clinic, but two local organizations have come to the table and are supporting what they say is an essential service to Grimsby.

John Darch Insurance & Investments Inc, Co-operators, located in Grimsby and GBF, Community Services have both been allies to Pathstone for countless years. When Pathstone Foundation appealed to them for a $10,000 commitment each, there was not a hesitation.

Left to Right – Kim Rossi, Rhona Wenger, Kathryn Drury, Stacy Elia & John Darch.

With the support of Co-operators Advisor Community Fund, and in partnership with GBF, I’m grateful to be able to provide the funding necessary for Pathstone to be able to keep the Grimsby Walk-In Clinic open. Easy access to mental health care for children is critical, especially with the added impacts of the nearly two-year pandemic on children and families.
John Darch, John Darch Insurance & Investments Inc.

It is wonderful for GBF Community Services to be able to financially co-sponsor the walk-in clinic in Grimsby.  Access to service is probably the greatest hurdle for people to get on-going, mental health supports. It is so vital to have this kind of service available for youth and their families locally.  We are extremely proud to be a part in keeping this clinic in Grimsby.
Stacy Elia, Chief Executive Officer -GBF.

This type of community support and buy-in is why we have such strong presence across Niagara. Over the past 12 months, we supported nearly 10,000 kids of which a few thousand were from the Grimsby area. We are grateful to GBF and to John Darch for their commitment to the Grimsby clinic which is one of the busiest of the nine clinics we operate. We can’t forget one of most important partners at the Grimsby Library and Art Gallery for offering a safe space for our kids and counsellors to meet each week.
Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR, Pathstone Foundation.

The Grimsby Public Library and Grimsby Public Art Gallery are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Pathstone Mental Health. The Library Art Gallery building is centrally located and easily accessible; a familiar public space where community members seeking help with their mental heath needs can readily access that assistance. The past two-years have made it more evident than ever how important mental health is to our overall well-being. We appreciate the work that Pathstone is here to do and thank them for being here in support of Grimsby residents.
Rhona Wenger, Executive Director, Grimsby Public Art Gallery & Kathryn Drury, CEO & Chief Librarian Grimsby Public Library

Currently, Pathstone is open for in-person walk-in clinic sessions at all nine locations. The Grimsby clinic operates out of the Grimsby Public Library, every Wednesday. An appointment is required for all in-person appointments and can be made by calling, 1-800-263-4944.

About Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health is a community-based organization whose mission it is to provide innovative and effective treatment for all children in Niagara struggling with mental health issues. Thanks to support from our donors and volunteers, we are able to address and meet the needs of more children and their families. We are the primary provider of mental health services for children in Niagara and have been helping kids for over 50 years. Note, Crisis Services are offered 24/7 by calling 1-800-263-4944.


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PathstoneTwo local Orgs Fund Youth Mental Health in Grimsby