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We are so happy to be back and able to support you with face to face appointments.

Over the past 10 weeks Pathstone has been preparing for a gradual return to face to face appointments. It will be your choice as to whether you want to return to in person appointments and we will continue to support you and your level of comfort and how you are receiving your counselling/therapy services. We will communicate on our website, and social media accounts information as you prepare to return to seeing us in person.

Following the guidelines put in place by Public Health, outlined below is how we have prepared to keep you and staff safe.

Maintaining Physical Distancing and the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The importance of physical distancing remains in effect.  We are asked to keep 2 meters (6 feet) from one another. When this is not possible, Public Health recommends the use of PPE.. To support these guidelines and promote physical distancing, the following steps have been put in place.

  • Access to the building by staff and clients is being limited. We are achieving this by staggering staff work hours and client appointment times. There will be limits to the number of clients per floor at one time, and staggered entry and exit to the building of both staff and clients.
  • Meeting rooms have been set up to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Directional arrows can been found throughout the building to promote physical distancing.
  • Lobby seating has been re organized, with some seating removed, to ensure physical distancing
  • Plexi glass has temporarily been installed at reception areas to help protect you and staff
  • All staff have been provided with and trained in the appropriate use of PPE. When physical distancing cannot be maintained, staff will wear and provide the appropriate PPE.
  • Staff and clients are screened upon entry into the building for symptoms of COVID-19


Nothing will fight the spread of this illness better than proper and frequent handwashing and diligent sanitizing.  Pathstone has taken the following measures to meet Public Health Sanitizing guidelines.

  • Installed multiple hand sanitizing stations.
  • Paper products, plastic toys, electronics have been removed from our lobby area
  • All “public rooms” in our building will be properly sanitized before and after meetings
  • Signs have been placed throughout our buildings describing proper handwashing practices, and proper sneezing/coughing techniques to reduce spread of the virus.
PathstoneWe are so happy to be back and able to support you with face to face appointments.